In 2018, I partnered with Mark Mandel to create almost 60 podcasts on the Google Cloud Platform Podcast he originally created with Francesc Campoy Flores.

After the podcast, I wrote a retrospective, Stop Accepting Less than Equal, on how I approached diversity of experts and content for the podcast.

Episode Title Description Categories
93 What’s AI with Melanie Warrick What is the difference between AI and ML? Melanie Warrick joins your co-hosts Mark and Francesc to discuss the differenc… Machine Learning, AI
102 Smart Parking and IoT Core with Brian Granatir Brian Granatir comes on the podcast this week to tell us all about the New Zealand company Smart Parking taking advantag… IoT, Serverless, Big Data, Customer
103 Performance Atlas with Colt McAnlis Colt McAnalis joins the podcast this week to talk about his Performance Atlas series where he dives into how to make Goo… Performance Analysis, Profiling, TCP/IP, SRE
104 Dataprep with Eric Anderson On this week’s podcast, Eric Anderson shares how Dataprep helps summarize, transform, visualize and cleanup data o… Data Analysis, Dataprep, Dataflow, Data Munging, Big Data
105 Node.js with Myles Borins Myles Borins talks with Mark and Francesc about Node.js from its history, how to contribute, the consensus-seeking gover… Node.js, JavaScript, Open Source, Chrome V8
106 New York Times with Deep Kapadia and JP Robinson Deep Kapadia and JP Robinson from New York Times join Mark and Francesc to discuss how they use Google Cloud Platform to… App Engine, Kubernetes, BigQuery, Cloud Endpoints, Customer
107 A Year in Review with Francesc Campoy Flores and Greg Wilson This week we get the band back together! Francesc Campoy Flores rejoins the show along with Director of Google Cloud Dev… Podcast
108 Launchpad Studio with Malika Cantor and Peter Norvig Launchpad Studio, a product development acceleration program focused on helping machine learning startups iterate quickl… Launchpad Studio, Machine Learning, Startups, Applied AI
109 Cloud AutoML Vision with Amy Unruh and Sara Robinson Amy Unruh and Sara Robinson join the podcast this week to talk with Mark and Melanie about the alpha launch of Cloud Aut… Cloud AutoML Vision, AutoML, Transfer Learning, Neural Architecture Search, Machine Learning
110 CPU Vulnerability Security with Matt Linton and Paul Turner Bringing you a special second episode this week with Matt Linton and Paul Turner sharing insights with Mark and Melanie … Security, CPU Vulnerabilities, ProjectZero, Meltdown, Spectre
111 Google Cloud Platform with Sam Ramji The delightful Sam Ramji joins Mark and Melanie this week to talk about Google Cloud Platform, Open Source, Distributed … Cloud, Open Source
112 with Mike Fotinakis We return once again to Continuous Integration tooling, this time with a visual spin. Mike Fotinakis joins Mark and Mela… Continuous Integration, Visual Testing
113 Open Source TensorFlow with Yifei Feng Yifei Feng talks with Mark and Melanie about working on the open source TensorFlow platform, the recent 1.5 release, and… TensorFlow, Open Source
114 Machine Learning Bias and Fairness with Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell This week, we dive into machine learning bias and fairness from a social and technical perspective with machine learning… Machine Learning, Machine Learning Bias, Machine Learning Fairness, AI Ethics
115 Google Play Marketing with Dom Elliott and Stewart Bryson In this episode, Google Play Marketing is the customer of Google Cloud Platform. Melanie and Mark chat with Dom Elliott … Customer, Analytics, Data Studio
116 Solution Architects with Miles Ward and Grace Mollison We have the pleasure this week of having the Director of Solutions for Google Cloud Miles Ward and Cloud Solutions Archi… Solution Architects
117 Cloud AI with Dr. Fei-Fei Li Dr. Fei-Fei Li, the Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google joins Melanie and Mark this week to talk about how Google enables… Cloud AI, Cloud ML, Machine Learning
118 OpenCensus with Morgan McLean and JBD Product Manager Morgan McLean and Software Engineer JBD join Melanie and Mark this week to discuss the new open source p… Metrics, Tracing, Diagnostics
119 NVIDIA and Deep Learning Research with Bryan Catanzaro Bryan Catanzaro, the VP Applied Deep Learning Research at NVIDIA, joins Mark and Melanie this week to discuss how his te… NVIDIA, GPUs, Deep Learning
120 Forseti with Nenad Stojanovski and Andrew Hoying Nenad Stojanovski and Andrew Hoying join Mark and Melanie this week to discuss Forseti - open source tools for Google Cl… Security, Open Source
121 Kontributing to Kubernetes with Paris Pittman and Garrett Rodrigues Paris Pittman and Garrett Rodrigues join Mark and Melanie to discuss the Contributor Experience on Kubernetes, and how p… Kubernetes, Open Source
122 Project Jupyter with Jessica Forde, Yuvi Panda and Chris Holdgraf Jessica Forde, Yuvi Panda and Chris Holdgraf join Melanie and Mark to discuss Project Jupyter from it’s interactiv… Project Jupyter, Jupyter Hub, Binder, Jupyter Notebook, iPython, Data Science, Machine Learning, Scientific Computing, Open Source
123 Post-Quantum Cryptography with Nick Sullivan and Adam Langley Nick Sullivan, and Adam Langley join Melanie and Mark to provide a pragmatic view on post-quantum cryptography and what … Post-Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Computing, Cryptography, Security
124 VP of Infrastructure Eric Brewer VP of Infrastructure at Google Cloud Eric Brewer, talks to Melanie and Mark all about open source at Google Cloud, distr… Open Source, Kubernetes, Istio, Hybrid Cloud
125 Open Source at Google Cloud Platform with Sarah Novotny Mark and Melanie are joined by Sarah Novotny, Head of Open Source Strategy for Google Cloud Platform, to talk all about … Open Source, Cloud Native, CNCF, Kubernetes
126 Beam and Spark with Holden Karau Holden Karau is on the podcast this week to talk all about Spark and Beam, two open source tools that helps process data… Beam, Spark, Distributed Computing, Big Data, Open Source, Data Streaming
127 SRE vs Devops with Liz Fong-Jones and Seth Vargo This week is a clash of titans! Liz Fong-Jones and Seth Vargo join Mark and Melanie, to battle out on which is better: S… SRE, DevOps
128 Decision Intelligence with Cassie Kozyrkov Chief Decision Scientist, Cassie Kozyrkov joins Mark and Melanie this week to explain data science, analytics, machine l… Machine Learning, AI, Decision Intelligence
129 Developer Relations with Mandy Waite Mandy Waite joins Mark and Melanie to share what is developer relations and how trust and empathy are key to its success… Developer Relations, Developer Advocate, Cloud Advocate
130 Data Science with Juliet Hougland and Michelle Casbon Juliet Hougland and Michelle Casbon are on the podcast this week to talk about data science with Melanie and Mark. We ha… Data Platform, Data Science, Machine Learning, Kubeflow, Data Engineering
131 Actions on Google with Mandy Chan This week is all about Voices! 🎶🎤🔊 Mandy Chan joins Melanie and Mark to discuss the intricacies of building user Voic… Voice Actions, SSML, Open Source
132 Hand Talk with Thadeu Luz Thadeu Luz from Hand Talk shares with Melanie and Mark how the free Hand Talk education application translates and inter… Brazilian Sign Language, LIBRAS, Firebase, Cloud Functions, ASL
133 ML Kit with Brahim Elbouchikhi and Sachin Kotwani Brahim Elbouchikhi and Sachin Kotwani talk with Melanie and Mark about Firebase’s ML Kit and how it enables machin… Machine Learning, Mobile
134 Connected Games with Unity and Google Cloud with Brett Bibby and Micah Baker Happy 4th of July! Today, Melanie and Mark go in depth with Brett Bibby and Micah Baker to learn more about Unity and it… Unity, Gaming, Hackweek, Connected Games
135 VirusTotal with Emi Martínez On this episode of the podcast, Melanie and Mark talk with Emiliano (Emi) Martínez to learn more about how VirusTotal is… VirusTotal, Cyber Security, Malware, Security Research
136 Robotics, Navigation, and Reinforcement Learning with Raia Hadsell On this episode of the podcast, Mark and Melanie delve into the fascinating world of robotics and reinforcement learning… Reinforcement Learning, Navigation, Robotics, DeepMind, Machine Learning
137 Next Day 1 On this very special episode of the Google Cloud Platform Podcast, we have live interviews from the first day of NEXT! M… NEXT, Intel, Open Service Broker, SAP
138 Next Day 2 Day two of NEXT was another day full of interesting interviews! Melanie and Mark sat down for quick chats with Haben Gir… NEXT, Microsoft SQL, Accessibility, .NET, Holberton, NVIDIA
139 Next Day 3 It’s the third and final day for us at NEXT, and Mark and Melanie are wrapping up with some great interviews! Firs… NEXT, Techtonica, Kubernetes
140 Container Security with Maya Kaczorowski Let’s talk container security! This week, Melanie and Mark learn all about the three main pillars of container sec… Container Security, Borg, Kubernetes, Google Container Registry
141 Accessibility in Tech with Haben Girma On this episode of the podcast we continue a conversation we started with Haben Girma, an advocate for equal rights for … Accessibility, Disability Rights, WCAG
142 Agones with Mark Mandel and Cyril Tovena Mark Mandel is in the guest seat today as Melanie and our old pal Francesc interview Cyril Tovena of Ubisoft and Mark ab… Agones, Ubisoft, Gaming
143 What’s new in App Engine with Steren Giannini and Stewart Reichling Mark and Melanie are your hosts again this week as we talk with Steren Giannini and Stewart Reichling discussing what&rs… App Engine, Scalability, Serverless, Idiomatic
144 Mercari with Taichi Nakashima and Tonghui (Terry) Li This week we learn about how Mercari is handling migrating from an on-prem monolithic infrastructure to cloud microservi… Mercari, GKE, Kubernetes, Microservices, Identity Management System
145 ATLAS with Dr. Mario Lassnig Our guest today is Dr. Mario Lassnig, a software engineer working on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN! Melanie and Mark put … ATLAS, CERN, Rucio, Data Mangement
146 Google AI with Jeff Dean Jeff Dean, the lead of Google AI, is on the podcast this week to talk with Melanie and Mark about AI and machine learnin… AI, Machine Learning, TPU, Parallel Processing
147 DL Indaba: AI Investments in Africa This week we are bringing you a couple of interviews from last week’s Deep Learning Indaba conference. Dr. Vukosi … Machine Learning, Africa, AI, Artifical Intelligence
148 Wellio with Sivan Aldor-Noiman and Erik Andrejko In our last (but not least!) interview from NEXT, Mark and Melanie talked with Sivan Aldor-Noiman and Erik Andrejko abou… AI, Artificial Intelligence, Wellio, Machine Learning, Data Science
149 Deep Learning Research in Africa with Yabebal Fantaye & Jessica Phalafala Today, Melanie brings you another great interview from her time at Deep Learning Indaba in South Africa. She was joined … Deep Learning, Africa, Machine Learning, AI
150 Strange Loop, Remote Working, & Distributed Systems with KF Melanie and Mark celebrate their 150th episode this week with a high-energy interview of mutual friend, KF, at Strange L… Remote Working, Strange Loop, Distributed Systems
151 Java & Jib with Patrick Flynn and Mike Eltsufin Mark and Melanie speak with Patrick Flynn and Mike Eltsufin about their exciting new Java products for Google Cloud. Mik… Java, Jib
152 AI Corporations and Communities in Africa with Karim Beguir & Muthoni Wanyoike On the podcast today, we have two more fascinating interviews from Melanie’s time at Deep Learning Indaba! Mark he… AI, Africa, Indaba, Machine Learning
153 Bazel with Tony Aiuto Happy Halloween! On this not-so-spooky episode of the Google Cloud Podcast, Melanie and Mark talk with Tony Aiuto of Baz… Bazel, Open Source, Build System
154 G Suite with Joanna Smith and Alicia Williams Joanna Smith and Alicia Williams talk G Suite with Mark and Melanie this week! G Suite is Google’s collection of a… G Suite, Sheets
155 Confluent and Kafka with Viktor Gamov Viktor Gamov is on the podcast today to discuss Confluent and Kafka with Mark and special first-time guest host, Michell… Confluent, Kafka, Confluent Cloud
156 Grace Health with Therese Mannheimer and Roman Jasins Happy Thanksgiving! On this episode, Mark and Melanie learn about with co-founders Therese Mannheimer and R…, Women’s Health
157 NeurIPS and AI Research with Anima Anandkumar Melanie is solo this week talking with Anima Anandkumar, a Caltech Bren professor and director of ML research at NVIDIA…. NeurIPS, AI, Machine Learning
158 VP of Engineering - Melody Meckfessel Melanie and Mark talk with Google Cloud’s VP of Engineering, Melody Meckfessel, this week. In her time with Google… DevOps, Kubernetes
159 End of Year Wrap-up Happy Holidays, everyone! Melanie and Mark wrap up a great year by reminiscing about some of their favorite episodes! We… AI, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Open Source, DevOps